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Control Instruments Polokwane offers the following range of access control systems.

Access Control IXP20

The IXP20 access control range consists of two products and meets the requirements of one to eight door applications, incorporating full stand alone and independent functionality.


  • 1 000 tagholders
  • 5 000 buffered transactions
  • 1 – 8 doors
  • Up to 16 readers (8 APB doors)
  • Up to 3 tags per person
  • Up to 8 tagholder access groups
Visitor Management, Access Control IXP220

The IXP220 access control range offers seamless system scalability, allowing the user to expand the system effortlessly using the same software suite and hardware throughout. The access control system has an incredibly user-friendly configuration and is packed with a full list of features. Presented in 4 feature models pertinent to various market needs, each pack can be very easily upgraded into one of the other models.


  • Up to 256 doors
  • Up to 1 000 independent sites
  • Up to 10 000 tags per system
Access Control IXP400

The IXP400 is a multi-door enterprise access control solution designed to meet today's most demanding security requirements. This System uses the powerful ImproX Controllers and the ImproNet Access Control Software Suite to control up to 3 000 doors and up to 300 000 Tagholders per site, with multiple sites linked across a worldwide network. IXP400 features the latest security innovations, including seamless integration with Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems, providing visual verification, easier operation and enhanced cost-effectiveness with a single log-on, the complete security environment organizations are looking for.


  • A variety of user-friendly ImproNet Software Modules
  • Multi-layer graphic floorplan representation, including alarm and transaction monitoring
  • Integrated badging module for card design and printing
  • Integrated Digital Video Recording (DVR) system
  • Flexible building management features
  • Networkable via LAN/WAN
  • Platform independent Java Software Modules, capable of running on non-Windows Platforms
  • Up to 300 000 tagholders per site, supporting multiple siteswith and central database
  • Architectually designed metal Proximity Readers
  • Long-range systems for parking control
Access Control SAFRAN MORPHO MA500+


  • Stores up to 3 000 users with 2 templates each in its default database. Can be soft-unlocked to support up to 50 000 users
  • Connects to a TCP/IP network
  • Supports high quality optical scanner
  • Includes a keypad and LCD display
  • Supports Wiegand in, for use with a proximity reader
  • Supports 26bit Wiegand out, for use with 3rd party systems
Access Control SAFRAN MORPHO MA100


  • Supports 500 users with 2 templates each
  • Connects to a TCP/IP network
  • Supports the MorphoSmartTM CBM
  • Easy to install
  • The database can either be downloaded via the network or via a USB interface.
Access Control SAFRAN MORPHO USB Enrolment Reader – MSO300

SAFRAN MORPHO USB Enrolment Reader – MSO300, with Verif license:

  • Used to facilitate central enrolment of finger templates
  • Connects to the enrolment PC using USB
  • Supports a high quality optical scanner
  • Note: This unit is unlocked with the Verif license


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