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Tracking and Fleet Management:

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MiX Telematics is a global leader in fleet management. Offering solutions to single vehicles fleets to multiple vehicle super fleets. Our solutions allow you to effectively manage your mobile assets and ensure a substantial return on your investment. Backed by Matrix Recovery Services, providing extensive tracking experience, MiX Telematics offers advanced and innovative technology with global a presence in over 110 countries on six continents. Our National Operations Centre gives customers 24/7 dedicated customer service and professional recovery teams on stand by; giving you peace-of-mind that your fleet is safe. If you are looking for the ultimate fleet management services and solutions, tracking and recovery service and protection for your assets, look no further than the MiX Telematics' fleet management products with Matrix Recovery Services.

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Engine Protection:

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Mechanical Measurement and Shutdown

Mechanical Measurement and Shutdown:

LubriVENT provides a proactive management solution for your fleet, ensuring that expensive engine overhauls and downtime do not reduce fleet profitability and utilisation.

The LubriVENT offers you the following unique benefits:

  • Mechanical system;
  • Sealed fuel line valve;
  • No fuel restriction;
  • Metal Temperature Heat Sensor;
  • Fully mechanical;
  • Installation and bolt-on kits;
  • Built-in test unit;
  • Reliable operation;
  • No hard starting;
  • Back-up service


LubriSplit Automotive Control Instrument
Mechanical Measurement and Shutdown

LubriSPLIT provides proactive engine protection through mechanical measurement and precise electrical shutdown, ensuring that expensive engine overhauls and downtime do not reduce fleet profitability and utilisation.

The development of LubriSPLIT became necessary when we found a growing demand for a system particularly suited to rotary type fuel systems and vehicles fitted with an OBC and a limp mode type system.

The LubriSPLIT is a unique electro mechanical engine protection system for the smaller electronically controlled diesel engines and LCV's.


LubriGuard Automotive Control Instrument
Mechanical Measurement and Shutdown

Turbo Lubrication System:

LubriGUARD is a simple hydraulic turbo lubrication system designed to extend the service life of a turbocharger.

  • LubriGUARD provides lubrication and cooling after shutdown of the motor.
  • The design of the LubriGUARD system keeps the oil supply pipe full of oil during the engines shut down period. On start up, oil is thus available to the turbocharger almost immediately when the engine starts to turn.

Power Protect leading engine protection specialists for the past thirty years, offer an economical, reliable and proven system to help prevent premature turbo failure caused by sustained lack of lubrication and heat build up on engine shutdown.


VDO Automotive and Protection:

VDO Gauges

VDO Gauges:

Vehicles on the road rely on performance feedback. Our world-class VDO instrumentation range of automotive, marine and commercial solutions enable user-friendly and reliable monitoring of all vital systems. Cockpit gauges, speedo and tachometers, fuel lLevers, hub-odometers, etc.

Road and Speed Limiter

Road and Speed Limiter:

This system monitors engine revolutions, road speed and idling. The system enables the fleet manager to pre-set maximum revolutions, vehicle speed and idling time on vehicles and prevent these limits from being exceeded. The systems reduces engine abuse, extends the life of the vehicle and saves costs.

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The intelligent reversing camera system has many safety and security applications. For example, it helps prevent accidents during reversing and allows in-cab surveillance of goods in transit.

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Tilt Switch:

If a vehicle overturns, the tilt switch will automatically switch the engine off to prevent further possible damage. The tilt switch can also provide an input signal to an on-board computer system and other stand-alone systems.



This is a tachograph with a compact design and microprocessor-controlled processing of measured values and analog recording. It provides data for both driver and fleet as part of an integrated information system.


Fuel and Wheel Theft:

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Protecting You Against Fuel and Wheel Theft:

Warn Winches and Accessories:

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